Angela Ford

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Angela Ford ARPS EFIAPb

'Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…' Eliot Erwitt       

 I love the challenge of observing and photographing situations  where I can convey my  own interpretation of the scene , whether it appears to be  an ordinary scene or a special event.

I enjoy using different methods and techniques to convey   my ideas and in particular I have a great fascination with infra red photography.  I enjoy the ethereal and mysterious quality of this medium

The love affair with infrared began using Kodak infrared film, then moving on to a camera which has been converted.

I have lived overseas and co founded an International Camera Club in Chennai, India and also helped to develope  a club in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

At present I am a member of Beckenham Photographic Society and  a French club, Image in Perigny, in France. I organise exchange activities with the French club which include the exchange of images and  visits to and from La Rochelle

Photography has been an essential  and special part of my  life for many years , during which time I have achieved an LRPS, ARPS and an EFIAP/b  thus exhibiting in International Salons. and the passion for conveying an idea in a creative way is still uppermost in my work.

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